Laboratory Furniture

The laboratory furniture offered by us includes working tables, island benches, wall storage units, special insulated cabinets, fume hoods and electrical trunking with bus- bar arrangements.
We expertise in lab designs, modular laboratory Furniture and undertake complete Laboratory set up projects for different disciplines. Whether your laboratory project is large or small, new construction or remodeling, we have qualified people and quality products to transform your vision to successful reality. We have a several installations across India.
1. Lab Layout With Area Segmentation As Per G.L.P.
2. Modular Laboratory Furniture Design
3. Manufacturing, Supply & Installation Of Lab Furniture
4. Fume Chambers And Laminar Air Flow Benches & Ducting
5. Lab And Instrumentation Piping
6. Lab Paneling & False Ceiling
The Salient Features Of Our Lab Furniture Are:
• Modular type
• Furniture is in metal
• Epoxy powder coating – colour combinations of your choice
• Pedestal type or floor mounted tables
• Table height options : 750mm, 830mm or 900mm
Different Types Of Tables:
Island benches with reagent racks & electrical points
Instrument table with keyboard drawers
Anti-vibration tables for accurate readings
Working tables with variety of under-bench storage modules
Custom designed tables for special applications like a.a.s etc.
Different Type Of Under Bench Storage Modules
(With Adjustable Shelves) Made Of 20 G C.R.C.A. Sheets:
• One shutter, one shelf unit
• One drawer, two shutters & one shelf unit
• Two shutters & one shelf unit
• Three drawers unit
• Modules for sink tables with drain board
• Wall Storage Cabinets With Adjustable Shelves
• Chemical Storage Cabinets With Glass Fascia
• Special Chemical Storage Units With Ventilation / Exhaust
• Wash Area Tables With Sinks: S.S Or Frp Or Ceramic
Additional Features Of Lab Furniture:
• Drawers & shutters are double skinned with
  sound deadening
• Expanded polyethylene
• Table top options: black jet granite or ceramic
  or stainless steel
• Special chemical resistant Teflon coating optional
• Steel handles & godrej locks
• Doors with 95 deg open able hinges
• Reagent rack with two tier shelves with vertical support
• Optional shelf in reagent rack : 12 mm thick plain glass
• Roller bearings used for drawer slides
Features Of Fume Hood:
• High degree of efficiency
• Wide variety of models
• Specific designs for particular application
• Manufactured from best quality c.r.c.a. sheets
• Variety of lining and work surfaces
• Aerodynamically designed
• High quality pipes & accessories used for ducting
• Chemically resistant ducting
• Centrifugal blower
• Flow control valve
• Level adjusting screws
• Air flow monitor
Our Lab Set-Up Also Provides :
• Swan neck three way taps for sinks
• Electrical trunking cased in elegant m.s powder    coated body with high quality dual output sockets
• S.S utility piping for gases / water
• Panel mounting valves for gases
• Peg boards
• Portable eye wash
• Safety shower
• Expertised In Latest Lab Designs As Per Norms
• High Quality Lab Furniture
• Precision Lab Utility Piping
• Material Made Ready To Specifications
• Timely Delivery Of Material
• Prompt Installation
• Perfect Leveling And Sound Workmanship
• Competitive Prices
Types Of Laboratory Furniture
• Instrument Table • Working Bench with Sink • Sink Bench

• Reagent Racks

• Island Working Bench

• Anti Vibration Tables for Balance

• Wall Mounted Storage Cupboard

• Under bench Storage modules • Lab Fume Hoods
Scientific Lab Equipment
Laboratory Oven
Laminar Air Flow
Biosafety Cabinet
Autoclaves / Steam Sterilizers
Laboratory Refrigerator
Deep Freezer
Stability Test Chambers
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Water Bath
Ultra Cryostat Circulator
Climatic Chamber
Hot And Cold Chamber
Lab Lyophilizer / Freeze Drier
Rotary Shakers
Lab Fermentors
Laboratory Furniture
Instrument Table
Working Bench with Sink
Sink Bench
Reagent racks
Island Working Bench
Anti Vibration Tables for Balance
Wall Mounted Storage Cupboard
Under bench Storage modules
Lab Fume Hoods
Blood Bank Equipment
Blood collection monitor
Blood bag tube sealer
Plasma Thawing Bath
Vertical Plasma Freezer
Platelet Incubator
Platelet agitator
Blood bank Refrigerator
Electric Donor Couch
Blood Bank Centrifuge
Plasma Extractor / Expressor
Oil testing equipment
Cloud And Pour Point apparatus
Kinemetic Viscosity constant temp Bath
High Temperature Bath
Oil testing centrifuge
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